Computer Vision solutions to your problems

Since 2015 we develop Computer Vision solutions for identification and quality control in multiple sectors. We create accurate, fast and flexible vision systems thanks to the best Artificial Intelligence technologies including DART , our proprietary AI technology.

We are specialized in the development of complete hardware/software solutions, but our technology can be integrated into proprietary solutions through APIs.

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Image Magick




Direct Acquisition and ReTrieval

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology revolutionizes the automatic identification of objects and people within images.

DART enables direct access to images with the same content, ensuring maximum accuracy and enormously reducing the costs associated with the learning phase of Artificial Intelligence.
This allows to face problems that cannot be solved with traditional AI, considerably increasing the areas of application of vision systems.

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DART allows the adoption of vision systems for identification and quality control in many sectors: from retail to industry, from art to collecting. Discover our solutions.

Do you need a solution that meets your specific needs?
We design, develop and implement ad-hoc hardware/software solutions for all types of identification and quality control problems.
Do you want to add computer vision to your solution? Our technology can be integrated easily by leveraging our APIs.