Computer Vision, for real

GETCOO is the most accurate content-based image retrieval platform

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You don't need categories, you need instances!

Our DART (Direct Access and ReTrieval) technology sets a new standard for content based image retrieval


Artificial intelligence has never been so accurate


Ready for a wide range of applications


Save money and time with
our Fast Learning technology


Up to millions of items with no performance decay

Let's make something cool!

GETCOO started up as an idea of two brothers, Stefano and Claudio Berti, with a strong desire: let's make something cool.. computer vision, for real!
Lots of awesome people joined us on this awesome journey, and we've always stayed true to our core belief ever since.
Computer vision has the power drive the future.

Stefano Berti

Stefano Berti

Claudio Berti

Claudio Berti

Roberta Grasso

Roberta Grasso

Jona Sbarzaglia

Jona Sbarzaglia
Creative Director

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